5 Marketing Trends Competitors Will Use to Crush You-Introduction

Posted on: March 17, 2015 by: Thomas Rozof

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series 5 Marketing Trends Competitors Will Use To Crush You
Will You Be Crushed By Your Competition?


In this multi-part blog series I identify 5 emerging marketing trends that are so disruptive that companies who fail to adopt them are likely to be crushed by competitors who do. Each of these are somewhat unique, in that they possess two dominant characteristics that are not always found in a typical trend:

1. First, while it’s true that they can all be described as “emerging” trends…it’s equally true that none of them are totally new. They have each been “trending” for some time. Like any popular method, system or tactic that eventually becomes mainstream, its widespread adoption takes place gradually over time, until it reaches what Malcolm Gladwell aptly describes as “The Tipping Point,” a crescendo of popularity and social proof that launches it into a new stratosphere of self-perpetuating validity. Each of these 5 trends have taken longer than normal to achieve this coveted status. This lag time often accompanies powerful trends that grow in significant over time. With these types of trends it’s also true that by the time they fully take root there is already a significant number of “first adopters” who were smart enough to take advantage of their promising potential. The collective impact of the five marketing trends in this series is so momentous that any company adapting them will systematically overtake, and in most cases crush, competitors who did not respond quick enough to enjoy their “trending” benefits. Companies who refine and deeply integrate each of these trends into full operational standards will be highlighting and discussing their competitive value for years to come…since it will be the aggregate power of these dynamic new standards that will be responsible for crushing the competition.

2. The second characteristic of these 5 trends is their unique durability. Most people tend to understand a trend as something temporary, since most popular trends do have a rather short life span…eventually loosing their luster over time.  This is not the case with the 5 trends in this series. Each one is going to remain “popular” for a long time…and although they might undergo continuous refinement, they will never outgrow their usefulness as central marketing axioms.  Thus,  investing heavily in each of these “emerging trends” from here on out is the smart play for all companies.


Pace Of Change Greatly Impacts Marketing

SPEED: The New Unpredictable Marketing Variable

Before we focus on our first trend there is one variable that puts the discussion of these trends into a new, and a more serious light. It has to do with the pace of change and the speed with which innovations are arriving at the front doors of companies daily. I know that we all hear about this dynamic a lot…but it’s no longer just an interesting side note on modern culture. For the business owner, what Alvin Toffler predicted in his book Future Shock, as far back as 1970, has come true. Therefore, how the speed of change is managed, especially by CEO’s, will increasingly determine a company’s success. As I monitor our industry and speak with other consultants I see many reasons for concern. Most of today’s leaders are just not ready to meet the challenge brought on by the speed of change. And while the dynamic impact of innovative change has been making its presence felt since the inception of free markets, it’s NEVER been at the pace we will encounter in the days ahead. If you are a company executive (CEO, CTO, CMO, etc.) then you must already know that one of your greatest challenges is how you intend to manage the pace of change, specifically the impact that technology, communications, automation and general innovation will have on you and your organization. Staying attuned to every emerging potential “tipper,” and refining your capacity to turn on a dime once you see the science-based evidence that warrants such a response, will be skills that all leaders must either maintain or learn. It’s a new day…and only the nimble, fleet-footed pioneers among us will survive. I invite you to join me as I explore how five emerging marketing trends may become either your undoing or your underpinnings.

In my next post I will begin by exploring the first of five marketing trends.

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