PixxFly's Outbound Marketing Automation Multiplies The Impact Of Your Inbound Marketing Campaigns.


Increase Your Marketing Reach While Reducing Costs

Without automation, companies are spending 4 times as much to distribute their content as they do to create it. With PixxFly you can promote more content on more marketing channels in a fraction of the time. Manually distributing content and tracking it is a waste of valuable staff resources. In our own tests PixxFly increased distribution speed by as much as 10,000%! This allows you to use the money and time you save to invest in other marketing activities that will quickly increase your bottom line.


Elevate Your Authority By Being In More Places, More Quickly And More Often

PixxFly dramatically increases your content's reach. By providing a wider level of distribution it allows more consumers to see and engage with your marketing message since it appears across more top websites and in a shorter period of time. Because of this expanded footprint your brand authority, search rankings and lead generation efforts are substantially increased. Once PixxFly's OUTBOUND strategy unfolds it then sets the stage for your inbound marketing to take over and to close the deal.


PixxFly Compliments All Inbound Marketing Software By Dramatically Increasing Overall Results

If you are currently using inbound marketing software than you already know the benefits of employing marketing automation. So why would you only automate one half of the marketing equation? By combining PixxFly's outbound automation with whatever inbound marketing solution(s) you are currently using, you greatly increase the overall effectiveness of each marketing campaign. The time and money you save by employing this approach allows you to spend more time on creating great content and on nurturing a larger number of new relationships that emerge as a result of this combined strategy.

The Right Features To Deliver Results

PixxFly includes powerful features that are simple to use. Use some or all of them to increase the effectiveness of your outbound marketing.

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Digital Marketing Intelligence

Improve your effectiveness with FREE, science-based digital marketing intelligence from our partners ROIIQ.com.

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Content Research

Increase your marketing ROI by seeing what content is driving your market. This feature shows you what content is most appreciated so you can target your audience more effectively.

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Content Syndication

Increase the visibility of published content, such as your blog, without any manual steps. Just provide an RSS feed and it will be syndicated to 15 top social sites on auto-pilot.

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Content Distribution

Distribute your content to 24 top social media platforms. Upload your videos, images, infographics, etc. and broadcast them to the world with one click.

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Multi-Channel Press Releases

Take your PR to a totally new level. PixxFly's multi-channel, multi-format distribution extends the reach and life of each news story. The best of traditional, social, and multi-media-based PR all fused into a single system.

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Social Marketing

Post status updates to your followers on social media. Send when needed or use the scheduling feature to send throughout the day.

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Interactive Video and Podcast Marketing

In addition to distributing your videos and podcasts, publish them on your website and other places using our interactive player. Increase conversions by customizing each player using 25 plugins and timeline events.

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Get detailed analytics about the effectiveness of your content. Measure your content's engagement, interactivity, reach, popularity and sharing.

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Agency CRM

Manage unlimited clients from a single dashboard. The software's automation saves you hours and hours of time that are better spent elsewhere. Numerous upsell opportunities are also available to increase your bottom line.

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Campaign Management & Hosting

Easily manage all the content you intend to distribute or publish in our Cloud-based Media Library.

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Why Customers Love PixxFly

In general, most users understand that software typically takes a considerable amount of time to learn...and even longer before results are visible. Not so with PixxFly. We designed it to be elegantly simple yet extraordinarily powerful. Because PixxFly's automation saves so much time most customers see a payback between one and three months. Yet long after PixxFly has paid for itself you will find that the benefits just keep on coming.

In addition to these general features... users also love that PixxFly:


Saves Time

PixxFly's automation makes ALL your content visible on MORE sites without having to log in and upload or post it one piece at a time. Just upload your content once or add your RSS feed and you're done. Also, by having other types of content such as video, podcasting and press releases in the same system, you can manage fewer software applications while still engaging the public through a wider variety of content mediums.


Saves Money

With all the time saved, your marketing team can focus on other important marketing efforts that add value (e.g. creating more content, growing your followers, closing more leads, etc.). Additionally, since the system integrates a variety of other great features, most users find that by managing fewer applications they are able to save a considerable amount of money each month.


Generates More Leads

By increasing the speed, reach and the velocity of your content distribution and syndication PixxFly improves your brand's authority, PR, traffic and SEO. Most of these results occur naturally as your content is seen by more people, more often, and in less time.


Measures Effectiveness

Users especially love the analytic results PixxFly generates. Imagine the power of knowing how each piece of content performed and the specific results it generated after it was distributed to one or more of our 24 supported networks or to 1,000s of PR/news channels.

Our Customers Get Results

"The digital marketing research is awesome!

We now have several angles for new business with our client, all backed by rock solid research. I highly recommend it as it definitely gives an agency a competitive advantage. Your research in conjunction with PixxFly is a no brainer for any digital marketing agency serious about growing their digital revenue share and average transaction size across their client/prospect base."

- Rob Gandley, Vineagroup

"I'm 100% confident this one decision to work with you and your team will provide an ROI of at least 50 times my investment and my gut says in reality it will be a whole lot more than even that."

- Kris Campbell, Independent Marketer

"I've been a customer of PixxFly since 2013 and I'm extremely happy. Although you don't need to be any kind of technical wizard to use the platform, questions do arise and when they do, the support team is very quick to respond with clarity for a non-techie like myself. I am total fan of their product and support."

- J.J. Bell, Direct2WebTV, Inc.

"The marketing research is a fantastic blueprint and the information provided clearly set out the direction I need to go in and allowed me to make the necessary adjustments to move forward with confidence... this has to be some of the best money I have ever spent."

- Mark Peters, Independent Marketer

"The information [marketing research and consulting] has been great in helping me restructure my sites and generate content that is attracting more visitors to both of my sites."

- Greg White, Healthstatus.com | HRA.net

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